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Meet Delic Presents: How To Grow Psychedelics Businesses

Meet Delic Presents: How To Grow Psychedelics Businesses

This event from Meet Delic was hosted virtually Monday, July 20th, 2020. 

The dawn of the psychedelics renaissance has helped usher in a more accepting social climate, encouraging more people from diverse backgrounds to delve into recreational and personal use. At the same time, psychedelic research is at an all-time high, with clinicians and psychedelics experts around the world exploring the possible therapeutic effects of psychedelics for individuals with a variety of mental and physical conditions. 

Now, a new industry is emerging, with new technology, education, and access to psychedelic substances encouraging rapid growth and opportunity for new business. Entrepreneurs with an interest in the psychedelics industry should consider now the perfect time to begin exploring the many avenues of possibility. Participation in clinical trials and studies, developing consumer psychedelic brands and products, growing or producing products, conducting public education and outreach, and so many other opportunities are ripe for the picking for those interested in investing in psychedelics. 


  • Jackee Stang is the Founder of Delic Corp, and is the Meet Delic MC extraordinaire!
  • Siobhan Danger Darwish is a second-generation cannabis master grower and owner of Blessed Coast Farms, the first family craft-cannabis farm to receive a cultivation permit in the state of California. Siobhan educates and shares information on the growing and history of cannabis, magic mushrooms, and other plants on a variety of platforms like the popular “grow your own” blog The Grow Sisters, and on their YouTube channel.
  • Mike “Zappy” Zapolin is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, psychedelics advocate, and co-founder of the Ketamine Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to suicide prevention and making ketamine treatments available to vulnerable individuals. Zappy’s documentary The Reality of Truth explores the relationship between spirituality and plant medicine, and includes personal accounts from some of the world’s spiritual gurus on their experiences with plant medicines. In light of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Zappy’s latest project, Mind Army, aims to make mind-expanding compounds legal on the basis of our inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.
  • Brittany Hoogenboom is a business, money-mindset, and personal power coach working to help her clients reach limitless abundance in all spheres of life. Owner of Synergy Soul, Brittany guides clients to build healthier relationships with money, success, and growth through spiritually based practices and mindset. Brittany is also a registered yoga teacher, a physical therapy assistant, a Reiki Master, and a healer. 
  • Beth A. Weinstein is a spiritual business coach whose work aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, healers, and many others to overcome limiting beliefs to establish successful businesses, relationships, and lives. Beth’s method combines practical business coaching with spiritually-based mindset training. Beth is the founder of the Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines & Purpose Conference, and utilizes plant medicines to help her clients integrate purpose and practice. [Learn more.]
  • Alex Speiser is COO of Orthogonal Thinker, an organization on a mission to transform how we practice wellness through mindful and strategic investments, and to promote individual and collective well-being via psychoactive compounds and clean-label products.
  • Ronan Levy is co-founder of Field Trip Health, an organization that provides personalized ketamine therapies for individuals seeking a mental health reset. Ronan is also the host of Field Tripping, a podcast detailing epic personal, spiritual, and business journeys on—and in—psychedelics. In his work, Ronan aims to educate the medical community and the general public on the power of psychedelics for mental health.

Event Highlights

Mushroom Growing Guide 

  • How-to guide on growing your own psilocybin mushrooms, led by Siobhan Danger Darwish

“The principles of growing crops, that includes timing, patience, wisdom, nourishment, teamwork, et cetera, apply to all aspects of growth in your life, and especially business!”

—Jackee Stang

Questions on growing with Siobhan:

  1. What methods can you use to keep your materials and equipment sterile? Go to answer …
  2. Which substrates are best or your favorite? Go to answer …
  3. Can mushrooms be grown hydroponically? Go to answer …
  4. Do you need to mimic natural light when growing mushrooms? Should you set a timer to mimic light cycles? Go to answers…
  5. Can pre-sterilized substrate be used? Go to answer …
  6. What even is the “substrate”? Go to answer …

Mind Army

  • Explanation of the mission of Mind Army, a movement to legalize mind-expanding compounds like LSD at the federal level. How the current political, social, and health crises are impacting mental health, and what the legalization of psychedelics could do to reduce national suicide rates.

Psychedelic Business Roundtable

  • Brief overview of the psychedelic industry: Before now, the psychedelic industry existed as an underground market, but with demand increasing dramatically around the world, the industry has begun to penetrate the mainstream. Based on self-reported findings, 32 million Americans use psychedelics, though that number is likely far larger and growing each day.
  • The US spends $230 billion per year on mental health treatments and ancillary services, which have done little to stem the mental health crisis ongoing in the country for decades. Now, with the added pressures and stress of the Covid-19 pandemic, the already existing mental health strain and lack of effective therapies has become even more urgent, highlighting the need for new therapeutic options like ketamine therapy. Whether we bring the underground psychedelics market to the mainstream or form a new psychedelics industry, now is the moment to embrace growth in this new sector of business.
  • Developing a business mindset: As we explore what the new psychedelics industry will look like, it will be important for entrepreneurs to develop a business mindset, and to become comfortable with the idea of making a profit off of plant medicine. In an industry that is not necessarily taken “seriously,” it is vital that the people within it are entirely committed to their businesses, and stand behind their pricing, profit margins, and business models completely. Without full commitment to the process, creating actual change and establishing a serious industry won’t be possible.
  • Always enough to go around: Unlearn the competitive business mindset. There is no competition; there are always enough opportunities to go around. The competition world was created by people who didn’t truly believe in what they were doing, and needed some kind of marker to prove to themselves that they were succeeding. Abundance is our birthright, abundance is who we are, we are abundant beings—we have to work together. This is not a competition. Trust your investments, trust every move that you make, and you can’t fuck it up.
  • Destigmatization of psychedelics: If we are to expect the psychedelics industry to grow, there will need to be a certain amount of work put in by business owners to educate the public and destigmatize the use of psychedelics. Business owners will need to align themselves with educational programs, and to actively participate in political initiatives for legalization. They can embrace the momentum of rising demand, while still being mindful in their decision-making. 

Q&A with Psychedelic Business Panelists

Questions from Live Audience

  • What models exist, or need to exist, to give back to marginalized and Indigenous communities? Go to answers from panelists
  • How can you build a successful psychedelics business while still honoring the sacred and spiritual nature of plant medicine? Go to answers from panelists
  • What are some specific types of businesses needed in the psychedelics industry right now? Go to answers from panelists
  • Does a psychedelic hotline exist? Go to Jackee’s answer
  • What is the best way to approach the topic of psychedelic treatments with a client? Go to answers from panelists
  • How do legality issues surrounding psychedelics impact business? How can these problems be navigated when building a business from the ground up? What platforms allow payments for these types of businesses? Go to Ronan’s answers
  • Is a conventional structured business model necessary for creating a psychedelic business in the modern world? Go to answers from panelists

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