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Kava Bar Opens in Berkeley, CA

I recently went to a bar in Berkeley… a kava bar! There was a video of whales playing on the wall and honeycomb-like shelves behind the bar hold living plants. Magenta-colored lighting bathes people lounging on the soft couches. You can only order kava and tea, no alcohol. The place is hopping already even though they haven’t yet officially opened and advertised. It’s called MeloMelo, on University Ave at McGee.

Started by three friends from South Florida, this is the first example I’ve seen of a nightlife spot where people can alter their consciousness with more diverse substances than alcohol. I hope to see many more herbal and tea bars open in major cities! I know many of us psychedelic folks don’t particularly enjoy hanging out around alcohol, and it seems that the market for alternative highs is now big enough to support this kind of business.

Good luck to the fellows at MeloMelo and please stop by and check it out when you’re in the Bay.

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