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Mercury at the Heart of the Sun 8.8.2014

Today Mercury and the Sun conjoin perfectly as they simultaneously trine Uranus in Aries and Square Saturn in Scorpio.

This perfect conjunction was traditionally called “cazimi,” and means something like “the heart of the Sun.” When Mercury is cazimi, it means that Mercury is exactly conjoined with the Sun, and hence it’s normal designation as “combust” changes to something very very positive and bright.

Combustion is a term that generally implies that a planet is getting swallowed by the rays or light of the Sun. Here’s an example for Mercury. Imagine that someone who is otherwise very articulate, interesting, and intelligent, tends to get their voice swallowed up by the presence of big egos around them. Or, imagine that someone with an incredible voice keeps blocking their own brilliance with an overly inflated ego. In either of these situations, the moment of cazimi is like a temporary zone where these conditions may get turned on their head. For example…someone whose amazing voice has been getting drowned out suddenly pierces the overshadowing egos with a sudden line…a blast of melody calls out and silences the hearts of the disbelievers. A hand reaches down from heaven…and everyone sees the divine presence in the otherwise dominated “other.”

On the other hand, someone whose fears, or whose big ego, keeps blocking them from the expression of their heart’s gifts suddenly finds the song of their heart beating like a drum…pounding out like angel wings lifting over a sea of troubles.

Then, just like that…it’s gone. The doubters, the big ego, the clouding “others,” are stupefied…and then the state of combustion returns…and the distractions return.

It’s in this moment…which is happening this morning/afternoon, that a change happens. A shift that can’t be reversed. Even though it might have appeared as nothing more than a sudden intrusion of sunlight…a shift in momentum is occurring on a level more subtle than thoughts and more impactful than the short moments it lasted.

This heart opening today is related to something unusual or eccentric…something we’re trying to open ourselves up to that is scary, different, unusual, or revolutionary (Uranus), but at the same time it embodies a number of very serious fears we have (Saturn). So the good word for today…look very carefully at where this short blast of a heart opening occurred…know that this was likely more than it appeared to be…and know that these conditions of blockage surrounding us have already been overcome. Because why not believe this way?

Prayer: Heart opening like the sun behind clouds. Heart shocking. Heart blocking. Commits us together beyond the trumpet blasts of our egos. Isn’t it amazing how we love each other? A trumpet blast from beyond the distractions. Thank you.


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