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Mercury Stationing

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The Moon is just separating from Mars and about to enter Virgo where it will begin applying to Mercury, who is stationing next to Pluto in Capricorn.

Things to watch for:

* This is a moment astrologers have been writing about for a long while now, perhaps lacking objectivity, perhaps not, we’ll see! Regardless, when Mercury stations in a close conjunction with Pluto we might expect to see the kinds of revelations, disclosures, delays, setbacks, or breakdowns in communication, technology, travel, business plans, and organization that take us deep into the underworld, the unconscious, or that which has been hidden from clear view.

* It’s important when things begin breaking down, slowing down, or coming to the surface, that we not react as though we fully understand what this revelation means, why its here, or what it’s trying to say. Take time, be patient, and let the omen of this stationing Mercury speak to you in the next few days. Bless it rather than curse it and see what doors open.

* The Moon will also be applying to make its last quarter square with the Sun and also a square with Saturn in the next couple of days. This is accompanied by the Jupiter/Uranus opposition’s perfection…breakdowns and breakthroughs may be on the horizon!

* The solstice moment is also upon us…a time for the renewal of hope, the beginning of a new chapter, and perhaps an entire revolution of circumstances that promises to put us on a completely different trajectory in the year ahead. Stay interested in what’s happening in your life, and the world around you, especially those small things that stand out but don’t offer immediate answers.

Prayer: Teach us to read the signs of this upcoming retrograde, rather than just blindly reacting. Give us patient, discernment, and peace as we approach the end of the year.

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