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Merging Spirit and Technology

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You can watch (without subscribing) the just released episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory in which I discuss spirit and technology among other subjects.

(you  have 24 hours from first click to watch this video via this free link)

(if this link expires just email [email protected] and I’ll put up another one)

Here is the Gaia Networks description of the show:

What if technology could produce out-of-body experiences on demand? Jonathan Zap defines a new frontier of the mind as advances in medical and media technology offer human consciousness a massive upgrade. Shamanic practices and spiritualism have progressed our ability to perceive the spiritual realms. Now, as an unprecedented number of people are surviving near death experiences and CGI enhances our perception, we stand upon the moment when the spiritual and technological merge, taking humanity to a new level of conscious evolution.

Also, a few days ago I put online a video recorded at my house —my most extensive and well illustrated (with 95 slides) talk on the Singularity Archetype—it’s introduced in the following Reality Sandwich article ( the Youtube embedded)…/looking-across-the-event-hori…/

Since I’ve been in a phase since 2013 where 95% of what I’ve been writing cannot be made public, I am trying to fill in a bit of that gap with more videos and the 138 articles I have published on Reality Sandwich during that time. In a few days I have a video crew who will be recording me talking about skills of Rabbit Hole Navigation at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe.

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