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"We've created a brain computer interface that reads electrical impulses in the brain and translates them into commands that a video game can accept and control the game dynamically," says Emotiv president Tan Le.

Using non-invasive elctroencephalography (EEG), Emotiv's neuro-headset offers unprecedented brain-to-computer interfacing without forests of electrodes, trained technicians, or thousands of dollars. Intended for consumers, the "Epoc" will hit the market later this year for just $299.

Users in virtual environments will be able to pick up and interact with items solely by imagining the act. Capable of detecting over 30 actions and emotions, the headset's uses also include more realistic real-time avatar facial expressions — wink, and your avatar winks.

And as always, technology and sexuality remain closely linked: popular geek blog IO9 already muses on the ramifications for virtual sex.

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