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Navigating Rabbit Holes Beneath Trumpocalypse

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There are certain moments when in the midst of rabbit hole navigation, amidst the slippery, treacherous suctions and impelling forces of creative obsessions, amidst the shadowy woods that are so lovely, dark and deep and hold promises you want to keep–


—-amidst the subterranean tremors reverberating from the howling chaos of Trumpocalypse roiling across the dense surface of the world far above—there are always those certain moments of clarity—


—when you look up and see the labyrinthine journey of ever-shifting improbabilities is actually working, and that though the journey is the destination, you are also actually getting somewhere and may even be able to offer maps, maps that generate their own territory and may one day be of use to other navigators . . .

Apologies to Robert Frost, more maps coming soon.

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