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Intentional Sexuality: Possibilities and Perils

An exploration of how "intentional sexuality" – or "sacred sexuality" – is used to reclaim the link between sexuality and spirituality, an ancient bond severed by the anti-carnal elements within early Christianity, Protestantism, and American Puritanism in its old and newer forms.


All Hallows Eve

Halloween has roots in the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhuinn, a time of no-time, when order and structure were abolished, when chaos could reign.

ufo lights

Broadcasting the Other

On January 8th, dozens of people in the small town of Stephenville, Texas witnessed a mysterious phenomenon in the evening sky – intensely bright lights that many believe were a UFO. Yet stranger still was the media frenzy that followed. Is the sudden mainstream interest in UFOs a sign of something deeper emerging in the public consciousness?

Henry David Thoreau

Henry Thoreau’s “Secret”

[Daemonic Dispatches] • "He prays for it, and so he gets it." No, that isn't a line from The Secret. It's a line from Henry Thoreau, just nine words of the over six million he penned in his extraordinary journal. In many ways those nine words encompass Thoreau's central thought and discovery. Despite his distaste for fortune-finding, Thoreau had an uncanny aptitude for discovering treasure.

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