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Truly “Odd” Fashion

Skerror’s Future Oddities Emporium offers "clothing designed to amplify and enhance your inherent powers as an intelligent, dynamic, attractive, and infinite individual.”

Facing Fear: A Conversation with an Ayahuasquero

Deep in the Peruvian jungle, American-born shaman Hamilton Souther leads Westerners through traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies at his Blue Morpho lodge. "Ayahuasca is a divine gift to the world, and it is a gift to be able to share it with others."

The Roots of Our Gnostalgia

The Gnostics were sophisticated seers who belonged to a millennial pagan tradition that was brutally suppressed at the rise of Christianity. Can looking back at what such mystics thought in a bygone time and setting offer a viable spiritual orientation for our time? Why we are so compelled to delve into what the Gnostics thought?

Choose Your Illusion

A new Internet-only documentary called Zeitgeist is making major waves, with elaborate conspiracy theories that link Christianity, 9/11, and the Federal Reserve. While far-fetched and often misleading, this movie succeeds in capturing the "spirit of the time" – a culture where truth and reality are no longer absolutes, but products of our own imagination.

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