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Family Doin’s

"What about it, Mister Healer-Dealer? Can you strut
your healin' stuff? Got me a bad knee, shoulder ain't right, arrowhead been
stuck in my leg for ten years, teeth gone or rotten, sluice line to my gut
plugged up. Not only that, but I'm spiteful with bad notions." A story from the new novel, The Drop Edge of Yonder.

Homo Luminous: The New Human

Many prophesies in the indigenous world speak of this time in human history as a period of great transformation.
Through this process, a new human is emerging on the earth: “homo luminous.” It is for us to take that quantum leap into who we are becoming. We can become homo luminous in our lifetime.

We Are All Shamans-in-Training

The shamanic archetype is one of the major processes that is becoming animated in the collective psyche of our species. It creates a synthesis of the conscious mind and the unconscious, a further evolution in the incarnation of a more all-embracing, integrated and expansive consciousness. 

The Aquarian Age: Ready or Not

It is appropriate that Valentine's Day falls in the month of Aquarius, and that both astrology and technology are associated with this sign of universal freedom and idealistic individual expression.

Gringo Ayahuasca: Meet Carlos Tanner

The debate over westerners and Ayahuasca retreat centers in Iquitos has heated up since the Peruvian Government has begun proposing legislation that would demand that local shamans be certified. After drinking Ayahuasca in Iquitos this past month, I interviewed another lodge owner, Carlos Tanner. We spoke about how the west is beginning to influence traditional Ayahuasca medicine practice in Peru.

Future Who?

Psychic networks, time travel, and aliens living out human lives. Sound like a new roundup of consciousness concepts? Not quite – it's the reimagined Doctor Who series. Is this wildly popular television show, long beloved and now attracting an even broader audience in its new incarnation, a piece of pop culture preparing us for the long road ahead?

The Artist as Healer of the World

Art-making is a sacred act. Art attains its greatest numinosity and ability to affect others when the creator of the work of art is being transformed by the act of creating. One can mimic sacred art for a living (many people get paid for this) but this is mere forgery. There is a world of difference between copying, imitating, and aping sacred art, and living our own creative experience. When we live creatively, guided by our daemon, our life itself becomes a living work of art.

Breaking Spells We Cast on Ourselves

Our wounding is a numinous event that can initiate us into a deeper level of our being. When consciousness is guided by feelings of gratitude for the wound's offer of self-realization and personal evolution, it reveals itself as a worthy object of veneration. Our wound manifests as a doorway to our healing, a portal through which we can glimpse our infinite potential.

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