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Alexander Supertramp and the Failure of Individualist Escape

Sean Penn's film Into the Wild rekindled the debate surrounding Christopher McCandless's dramatic departure from mainstream culture, and his tragic demise. It forces us to ask: how can we preserve “human community” without “returning to civilization?”

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The Current Global Crisis and the Future of Humanity

Modern science could solve most of the urgent problems in today's world. Yet the problems that stand in the way are not economical or technological; their deepest sources lie inside the human personality. After more 50 years of intensive study of holotropic states of consciousness, I have come to the conclusion that the theoretical concepts and practical approaches developed by transpersonal psychology could help alleviate the current global crisis. These observations suggest a radical psychospiritual transformation of humanity is not only possible, but is already underway.

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Acceptance Speech

On October 5th, psychiatrist and consciousness researcher Stanislav Grof, M.D., was honored as this year's Vision 97 Award recipient during a ceremony in Prague. "It seems to be my destiny – or karma, if you wish – to be involved in research of areas that are subjects of great controversy in science and society."


Transition Town: A Tonic for the Peak Oil Blues

The days of cheap and plentiful oil are ending, perhaps sooner than we'd like to imagine. To confront the impending crisis known as Peak Oil, communities in the UK have developed models of sustainable local living called Transition Towns. Behind their strategy is the belief that with cooperation and creativity, and under a well-designed civic plan, the future without oil could be preferable to the present.

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An MRI Scanner Darkly

Ivan “Chip” Frederick, the 40 year-old son of a coalminer and a homemaker from Oakland, Maryland, describes his mother as supportive and caring, and his father as very good to him. All of his life he has attended Baptist church services, and to this day considers himself a spiritual and moral person. But in 2003, Frederick attached electrodes to the left hand of Satar Jabar, the Iraqi prisoner whose hooded spectral image was to become the iconic representation of Abu Ghraib’s atrocious descent into hell. Under Frederick’s watch, prison guards observed or directly participated in the torture or humiliation of numerous prisoners. What drove him into barbarism?

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