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Psi in the News

Eben Alexander gets grilled by Esquire, Sheldrake contra Dawkins on London Real, and a few tips for developing telepathy, and psycho-kinesis in this week's edition.  

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Psi in the News

Differences between induced and spontaneous Out of Body Experiences, the False Memory Archive, fraud and mediumship, and more in this week's update.

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Psi in the News

Induced afterlife communications, out-of-body experiments, the evolutionary fear of Psi, classics of psychical research, and more in this weeke's update. 

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Psi in the News

Clinical interest in paranormal experiences, NDE'ers don't fear the reaper, meditation helps develop compassion, and more in this week's update. 

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Psi in the News

iPads can help NDE research, $2.3 million in grants on post-mortem survival research, precognitive dreams, and more in this week's update. 

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Psi in the News

Is Spiritualism a form of shamanism, critics of non-local consciousness, veterans of Project Star Gate come together, and more in this week's update. 

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Psi in the News

Telepathic super soldiers, is Sylvia Browne damaging to the field, ecology and non-locality, Chris Anderson and Deepak Chopra, and more in this week's update. 

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Psi in the News

Ecology and non-locality, Deepak Chopra vs. TED's Chris Andersen, and how consciousness can transform grief and suffering in this week's update. 

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