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Think Again: Intelligence

Here are seven premises that have allowed a secret intelligence community costing the US taxpayer as much as $100 billion dollars a year to exist without being held accountable for systemic and specific failures.

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The Battle for Our Angel

There is a “battle for the Soul
of the World,” a battle for our guiding spirit in the form of our Angel. We are battling along with the Angel against dark forces, but also to ultimately reclaim and unite with our Angel, our true and
perfect nature.

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Food Myths Debunked!

Food MythBusters draws attention to the real story about the
food we eat while debunking widely accepted myths about our food system.

The Shamanic Truth of Evil Spirits

The Shamanic Truth of Evil Spirits

Perhaps you do not believe in evil spirits. Why should you? I’ve been a shamanic healer and teacher for many years, but even I didn’t really believe in their existence. Well, this all changed quite abruptly when I was forced to believe and to find the tools I needed to fight back.


Streams of Deceit: Another Look at the NWO

If a leader declares war as the only
recourse, they cannot lead, for they do not hold life sacred within
their hearts. If a leader promotes the rapacious profiteering of a
very few at the expense of the many, they cannot lead, for they have
been corrupted by the rot of power-lust and aggrandizement.

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