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Souldish NYC: 8/11-15

This week on Souldish, be sure to check out the Roots & Dub On The River Cruise, Psytrance lovers, Tekno Feel Ya and a garden walk with Kiana Love.  Also, coming soon in September, CoSM is holding a weekend retreat/celebration, Honoring the Divine Feminine.


Nostradamus and 2012

It's instructive to see how the 2012 prophecies have been
ma­nipulated by mass culture. Nearly all of the
2012 visionaries see the date as a harbinger of a new and enlightened
consciousness for humanity, but the wizards of televi­sion have transmogrified
this vision into something that looks very much like a fundamentalist's Last

Waiting for the Big One

Why is there such a longing for "the Big One" – the earth-shattering, unmistakable shift? Doomsday predictions resonate deeply within the human psyche.

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Atlanta’s Drying Lesson: Building Community from Crisis

Atlanta residents were recently inundated by reports of a crippling drought that threatened their water supply. But in-depth information was hard to find and often confusing. Enter Mickey Mellen – "a schmoe who knows nothing, talkin' about water" – with a blog and some questions.

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