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The Accidental Shaman

I came to lying face down, unable to move. The lift appeared to be rising slowly, and the door automatically opened. People were gathered outside (I later found out that the crash had been heard all over the building), and I was carried out to an ambulance and taken to a hospital. My life from that moment on was never the same.

Our Bodies: Makers of Meaning

It is impossible to draw a hard boundary between our physical selves and the world. No longer fixed by the boundary of the skin, we can understand ourselves to be permeable, changeable, responsive to the thoughts in our minds.

Neo-Atheism and the Demiurge

An unprecedented kind of mind has suddenly appeared during the last couple of millennia. Enflamed and encrusted with growths like the insupportable noggin of the
elephant man, this self cannot help but look upon the world to
presuppose a somewhat larger Self: the One and Only CEO and Sole
Manufacturer of Absolutely Everything.

Exploring the Mystery of Hands-on Healing

"I became interested in hands-on healing from the vantage point of a skeptic —  someone who doesn't know the answer. I still don't know why some
people heal. If they were a believer in this healing stuff, it tended to take
longer to heal than if they were a skeptic."
–In this interview, sociologist William Bengston discusses his decades of research in hands-on healing.

Kindling Spirit: Everything is Filled with Spirit, Chapter 3

Everything in the
universe contains its own energy. Each
scientific discipline and religious group describes that energy in its own
words. It doesn't matter how we
define this energy — it matters that we acknowledge it exists. It can help us heal ourselves, and the planet.

Heart Yoga: My Story

As our practice deepens, we experience a vast expansion into
universal presence as well as the microscopic attention to the minutest
particles of the body. This fusion of universal consciousness with precise
cellular awareness is the door through which grace can enter. 

Beating Addiction with DMT

Beating Addiction with DMT

Psychedelics have been studied for their help overcoming addiction. Read how DMT is helping addicts beat their substance abuse issues.

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