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Psychedelic Sobriety: An Interview with Peter Bebergal

In his memoir, Too Much to
Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood, Bebergal's interviews with psychedelic luninaries and his reflections on personal experience form the basis for a historical study of
psychedelics in American culture, providing a unique perspective on how popular culture affects what has in the past been the sole domain
of sacred ritual.


Wisdom’s Dare: The Future of a Divine Experiment

A divine experiment has gone wrong due
to anomalous, unforeseen conditions that did not factor into the original set-up of
the experiment as Sophia previsioned it. It is what we of the human species could
do here on earth, by way of creating a free, cooperative social order, if we
were to realize our divine potential and achieve it according to the designs
and purposes of the resident divinity, Gaia-Sophia.

Lady Gaga Born This Way Feb28newsnea

Lada Gaga: The Visionary Rebirth of the Divine Mother Monster

Lady Gaga is a visionary pop star icon for the 21st century and the emerging new paradigm. She communes with her fans intimately through Facebook, Twitter and videos with an incredibly open heart, and seems to be saying over and over again that the core of her message is about how to love oneself.

ayabig 2

Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest

I cupped my
hands over my ears and saw myself curled into the fetal position, disoriented
and trying to escape. But escape from what, exactly? Not the effects of the
ayahuasca or the visions, but something deeper, something residing at my core:
the malignant feeling of being insignificant and alone in a universe far too vast and viscious for me to make headway. 


The Orgasmic Roots of Pronoia

As I dropped off to
sleep I heard the Goddess in Celia say, "I pray that Rob will become a
paranoid in reverse. He will know that all of reality is always
conspiring to help him, and he will try to prove to everyone everywhere
that the same is true…


Autobiography of a Sadhu

Baba Ji learned that he would have only three disciples. One would
perish in a fire, one would lose his powers and eventually be murdered,
and the third would be a foreigner. I asked him several
times what would happen to the foreigner, but he never told me. All he
would say was that he knew the exact moment I would cross the threshold
of his ashram in Rajasthan ten years later.

desert night

The Rule of I

Abdellah Taia, Morocco's
first openly gay autobiographical writer, considers what it means to use the
first person in an Arabic culture. "How to be naked and
dignified, how to live our 'I' and be free?"


Entheogenic Spirituality as a Human Right

U.S. law sees "freedom of religion" as referring primarily to the freedom to believe and secondarily to the freedom to practice. However, something sorely missing from our legal protections is any recognition of the significance of direct spiritual experience itself, including with sacred plants.

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