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An Ayahuasca Research Break Down

research analysis on ayahuasca 1

Understanding the process behind clinical ayahuasca research can better help audiences interpret the various messages and conclusions of psychedelic studies.

The Sustainability of Ayahuasca

the sustainability of ayahuasca

As plant medicines have garnered new interest during this psychedelic renaissance, those wishing to experience the benefits have graduated from microdosing psilocybin or perhaps an experience with LSD or Kambo. Now, they are ready to take the gloves off and surrender to the teachings of maybe the greatest mother medicine of them all. Ayahuasca is […]

The Brain’s Psychedelic System

the brains psychedelic system

Naturally-occurring psychedelics co-evolved with us. Rather than acting to scramble our brain activity in some chaotic way, psychedelics actually activate a pre-existing pathway in our brain.  Psychedelics do this by connecting to the serotonin 2A receptor, also known as the 5HT2A receptor. Why do psychedelics do this and what is this pathway for?  Does the DMT […]

How Does Microdosing Cannabis Work?

how to microdose cannabis

If you aren’t fond of getting too high, but want the benefits of weed, microdosing cannabis may be right for you. Read this to find out more.

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