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A Gate-Crashing Journey at Joshua Tree

Through many years of yoga practice, I had developed an easy talent for accessing unusual
realms of consciousness. Yet I was aware that another set of tools existed for such attainment. Could eating hashish enable me to — as the song by the Doors put it — break on through
to the other side? 

The Recovery of the Human

It's possible for a relationship between people that passes through a machine
to avoid being a relationship of compulsion and control, but it takes work. The more that human life
and interactions are defined by machines, the more difficult this tends
to become. It is crucial that we rediscover the possibilities of our own humanity.

Concerning Terence McKenna’s “Stoned Apes”

In 1992, a new book, Food of the Gods, opened my eyes to TM's theorizing from his experiences tripping, including "stoned
apes," his now famous — or infamous — "theory"
of how psilocybin mushrooms, eaten by ancestral hominids in Africa, catalyzed
the evolution of Homo sapiens.

Clearing the Road: Lessons from the Ancient Maya

I sincerely doubt there will be any peak moment of terrestrial catastrophe in connection with the passing of 13 pik (December 21, 2012). Yet I still feel compelled to scream out a warning. The natural world bestowed upon us by infinitely complex processes of creation, in many very real ways, is actually ending.

Get Used to Being Everything

Get Used To Being Everything, the freshman album from singer-songwriter Michael Garfield, is an intoxicating, rejuvenating, and unapologetically spiritual work. It takes a lot to get me to fall in love with an album – and I've fallen head over heels.

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