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Shadow self

Know Your Shadow

Jung wrote that the less we understand our shadow, the darker it is and the more likely it is to drive our actions. The shamanic approach dovetails with Jung’s, holding that just as there is day and night, and winter and summer, light and dark are inevitably part of our beings.

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Living in Dangerous Times

I consider television, and most recently the development of social media, to be the most powerful mind-control ‘drugs’ that have yet been developed, with their effectiveness at influencing and controlling docile (and often legally sedated) populations unparalleled in human history.

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The Maker Mindset

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes the creative state of mind in which we “want to pursue whatever (we) are doing for its own sake” as “flow.” Engaging in this process develops the maker mindset.

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Bottling Lightning: An Interview with the Do LaB’s Dream Rockwell

After the 2016 Lightning in a Bottle festival I was blessed with an opportunity to speak with Dream Rockwell, co-founder of the Do LaB. We spoke about the rewards and challenges which Transformational Festivals offer their participants, both those paying to attend and the teams which are working to bring them about.

Introduction to Reiki – Jodi Criser Reiki Master

The Introduction to Reiki webinar debuts the historical background to the origination of Reiki, its many benefits, and how it is being used in hospitals across the nation. You will also learn a short meditation to introduce you to chi energy.

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