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Transcending Online Road Rage

Perusing the comments sections
of two articles on
Reality Sandwich and Evolver,  I was struck by the abusive tone of
many commentators, a
tone I have encountered in other online forums. I refer to it as "road rage"
because there are parallels to vehicular aggression, which also
occurs in a dynamic, anonymous medium.

Does Consciousness Depend on the Brain?

The brain is not an organ that
generates consciousness, but rather an instrument evolved to transmit and limit
the processes of consciousness to those crucial for the terrestrial success of the individual. 

The Onset of Catabolic Collapse

Complex societies cycle back and forth between
building up, or anabolism, and breaking down, or catabolism. It's possible at this point to provide a fairly exact date
for the onset of catabolic collapse in the United States of America.

Souldish NYC: 10/29-11/2

This week's Souldish events include A Halloween Mischief Metta Orgasmic Trance Vortex Party Benefit and the Light and Shadow Tour's NYC stop.

Entangled: Chapter Two

Fumbling for her ID, Leoni spilled the contents of her purse all over the passenger seat and burst into tears to create a distraction when she saw, under the unforgiving glare of the street lights, not only her driving license, credit cards, money, tampons, condoms and lipstick but also a dozen bulging wraps of cocaine. — From the novel, Entangled

The Spooky World Of Quantum Biology

It wasn’t until the nineties that anyone suggested biology could be better understood by looking at it through the lens of quantum theory. Now, a new kind of science, called “quantum biology,” is beginning to emerge — and it could change everything we know, again.

Souldish NYC Events: January 18 – 23

This week New Yorkers can discover Parashakti, Erotic Poetry, Sitar with Dawoud, Planet 6362, Shahrazad's Showcase, East West Movie Night, Quantum Healing, Earthen Gardens and more.

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