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As Above, So Below: The Worldview of Lynn Margulis

Biologist and geoscientist Lynn
Margulis composed a
grand and powerful view of the living and the non-living through her uncanny ability to lean forward and see the
smallest inhabitants of the Earth and then to leap back at the
speed of thought to conceptualize the entire planet. This seeing from soil to space marked a unique scientific endeavor.

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Skywriters in Hades (Pt. 2)

The discovery of mirror neurons marks an Archimedean point (a God's eye
view) from which all human knowledge can now be rethought and all our
models of reality must be reformulated. The reason, in simple language,
is that mirror neurons present us with a solid scientific basis for
telepathy, and the existence of telepathy changes everything.


Concerning Terence McKenna’s “Stoned Apes”

In 1992, a new book, Food of the Gods, opened my eyes to TM's theorizing from his experiences tripping, including "stoned
apes," his now famous — or infamous — "theory"
of how psilocybin mushrooms, eaten by ancestral hominids in Africa, catalyzed
the evolution of Homo sapiens.

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Souldish NYC Jan 8-14

This week on Souldish enjoy The Spirit of Sound, Globalfest 2010 for world music, and “Tryptophantasia”, an animation film screening.

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