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Letters from Amok: The State of the World in Pen and Ink

There is not enough of a communal tapestry to support a popular uprising against industrial civilization and tear it down.  Doesn't it make more sense to tend to the tapestries of relationships around us, identify the acts of vernacular dignity still alive, and generously, lovingly, tend them?

Psi-verts and Psychic Piracy: The Future of Parapsychology?

Although there seems to be evidence emerging for an essentially constant and unconscious psychic awareness in all people, there seems to be little indication that the desire to buy a specific product can be psychically "planted" in one's unconscious mind. The bad news is that in principal such "psiverts" are completely feasible and resemble much of the work that has occurred in parapsychology over the years.

Harlan Gruber

Harlan Emil Gruber's sculptures at Burning Man have been an underground favorite over the last few years. Combining sound installation with geometric form, they have offered a beautifully multidimensional experience to visitors who often spend hours lounging on the sculpture's platform, bathing in the aural frequencies.

Sex, Lies and Osho

Osho had the reputation of "sex ashram." Not that I had anything
against sex, but I wanted to go somewhere to heal from relationship
wounds. Men on the make, I feared, would simply rip up the scabs.

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