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I Am… We Are… It Is: Burning Man’s Radical Vision

Burning Man’s founder explores how it can be a wild party on the one hand, and the most public-spirited city in America, on the other. The essential cause of this is the giving of gifts. A gift economy is founded on principles that are diametrically opposed to those that dominate our consumer culture.

Souldish NYC: 12/10-17

This weeks events include ILLUMINATE, Ram Dass talking about the Heart, Krishna Das Kirtan, Rise and Shine party and a Burning Man collaborative temporary space.

Venus in Scorpio Mercury Retrograde

Attending to one's dreams,
waking visions, and synchronicities is the foundation of shamanic
consciousness, and was an integral component of the ancient world, especially
through the dream healing practices related to the Greek god of healing,
Asclepius, known in the heavens as Ophiuchus.

The Orgasmic Roots of Pronoia

As I dropped off to
sleep I heard the Goddess in Celia say, "I pray that Rob will become a
paranoid in reverse. He will know that all of reality is always
conspiring to help him, and he will try to prove to everyone everywhere
that the same is true…

Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation

By the time we retire at sixty-five many of us cannot even begin to access our real self. With our God-seeds planted in the wrong fields, we have become too tired or ill to really touch the moment. If we don’t shape up, we may be shipped out. 

Souldish NYC: Oct 16-22

This week's Souldish events include The Art of Ink, the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, The Importance of Being Wilde, Healthy Living Week at East West Living and much more!

Souldish NYC Events October 9 – 15, 2009

This week, Souldish serves up a spicy simmer of Autumnal fun with the Fierce Light screening and workshop with Velcrow Ripper, Opus Novus at Seed, the Nonsense NYC 10th Anniversary salon show at Brooklyn's 3rd Ward, Health Week at East West Living and more!

Imaginal Hygiene

Imaginal hygiene is the inner art of self-managing the imagination, to defend it from forces that compromise, pollute, and sterilize it, and to cultivate those that illuminate and nourish it. Knowledge of this is essential to the story of human survival into the 21st century.

Souldish NYC Events 11/21 – 11/27

This week New Yorkers can read between the crop circles, learn rhetoric for radicals, share in some sexy eye gazing, honor the sacred hoop of the North, eat some wild vegan treats, and sweat to electro-house beats.    Remember to email me your events: salma(at)souldish(dot)com.

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