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Holotropic Breathwork: Getting High on Your Own Air Supply

psychedelic breathwork 1

You’ve definitely heard about getting into an altered state by using substances like shrooms and acid, but getting high just by breathing regular ol’ oxygen might be some new information (or not). Developed in the 1970s by Psychiatrist Stanislov Grof, Holotropic Breathwork presents a drug-free way to experience altered states of consciousness through a unique […]

Drug Safety: What You Need to Know

drug safety listicle

Let’s be honest, no matter how experienced someone is, there’s always a risk when it comes to recreational drug use. Since this October marks the 10th anniversary of National Substance Abuse Month, we wanted to offer up the best tips to keep yourself, and your friends, or anyone around you as safe as possible. At […]

How Trippy Can ASMR Get?

how trippy can asmr get

If you’ve been on any social media platform for the last few years, you’ve most likely come across autonomous sensory meridian response videos aka ASMR videos. They’ve been showing up more and more on Instagram, TikTok, and as dedicated YouTube channels and shows. Big brands are also jumping on the bandwagon with special ads and […]

How to Make Bad Trips Good

how to make bad trips good

Let’s cut to the chase: Bad trips happen. No matter how positive your intentions are beforehand, whether it’s your first time using psychedelics or you’re an experienced user, bad trips can happen to anyone. But a bad trip doesn’t have to stay bad — there are plenty of ways you can prepare for one or turn […]

Top 5 Creative Activities You Can Enjoy on Psychedelics

top five creative activities you can enjoy on psychedelics

Preparing for a psychedelic experience requires deciding what set, setting and dosage will be most conducive to your ideal trip. The right companions, nurturing environment and proper integration can all enhance anyone’s foray with psychedelics. If you are in need of inspiration,  the following are the top 5 creative activities that you can enjoy on […]

How to Make Ayahuasca

how to make ayahuasca

No longer an exclusive practice of indigenous South American communities, ayahuasca is now a global sensation with growing research exploring it’s anti-addictive, antidepressant and anti-anxiolytic properties. With citizens all over the world interested in engaging with this psychoactive brew, do-it-yourself ayahuasca making is an attractive alternative to flying to the jungles of the Amazon. Let’s […]

Can Ayahuasca Alter Personality?

can ayahuasca alter personality

Some folks are gregarious and charismatic, others are soft-spoken and wise, and still, these traits do not encompass the dynamic systems of personality existing in all people. Personality can affect your career, relationships and even life span. Researchers examining the power of shamanic rituals are finding that ayahuasca users show changes in personality after their […]

What Happens When You Mix Shrooms and Weed?

what happens when you mix shrooms and weed

Separately, psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana present intriguing possibilities to both those dipping their toes into psychedelics, as well as experienced psychonauts seeking to deepen their connections. But, what about mixing the two? Shrooms and weed might be naturally occurring psychedelic substances, but they present unique differences and benefits to anyone looking to experiment. Whether it’s […]

Having Sex on Cannabis

having sex on cannabis

Whether partnered or solo, physical sexual expression provides more than just opportunities for pleasure: a good sex life can boost immune function, mood and libido. For folks who enjoy cannabis, smoking and getting down may seem to go hand in hand — but others see the bedroom as a bad place for potential negative reactions […]

LSD, Betty Cantor-Jackson, and the Grateful Dead

lsd betty cantor jackson and the grateful dead 1

The serendipity of the universe can turn a single moment into a catalyst that expands the possibilities of what someone’s life can be. Similarly, a single psychedelic trip can grant someone a trajectory-changing experience that ripples throughout the rest of their lives. Betty Cantor-Jackson is a person who happened to experience both these phenomena simultaneously. […]

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