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Journey with Changa

A few evenings ago, somewhere in Albion, six sovereign adults, taking full responsibility for their own consciousness and their own bodies, gathered for sacred ceremony with changa… I was one of those adults.

Entering the Mythic Journey and Making Your Soul

Everyone craves an enlarged perception of themselves and the world, a deeper emotional connection to their
own hearts and to the hearts of others, a wilder capacity for joy—yet we have almost no societally sanctioned space for this endeavor.

The Gold Standard, Chemical Weddings, & the Journey of Zero Distance

The heroic journey usually entails a quest for an object of
highest value. In spiritual language, the object is
enlightenment. In alchemical terms, enlightenment is the recovery of our
true "stellar" nature, the real gold, an "undivided mind." It is more than just a poetic metaphor that the unearthed gold which completes this transformation is sourced primordially in the cataclysmic union of

A Gate-Crashing Journey at Joshua Tree

Through many years of yoga practice, I had developed an easy talent for accessing unusual
realms of consciousness. Yet I was aware that another set of tools existed for such attainment. Could eating hashish enable me to — as the song by the Doors put it — break on through
to the other side? 

Journeys with the Goddess

[The Ayahuasca Monologues] • The ayahuasca journey deconstructed my reality and identity and sent new light into
my being. The world had become fluid and malleable. I had embarked on the
path of realizing my power to manifest reality, heal, and
move through the interdimensional shamanic worlds.

Journey Through a Cosmic Portal: A Hypnogogic Experience

Like the mythical diving figure depicted on the Temple of the Descending God at the ancient ruins of Tulum, I found myself descending into a cosmic portal.  There's a worm hole, or serpent ladder at the core of the world, and at the brain's core, where the deepest and highest functions of our physiology involve union with the "afterlife," through the "other world." 

Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation

By the time we retire at sixty-five many of us cannot even begin to access our real self. With our God-seeds planted in the wrong fields, we have become too tired or ill to really touch the moment. If we don’t shape up, we may be shipped out. 

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