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Semaya: A New Synergy With Music

Semaya, the newly released video from the Musichuk Recording Label, artfully weaves startling and extremely rare images of the Kataragama tribe in southern Sri Lanka alongside electronic music that is matched carefully to the ceremonial tenor.

Navigating the Rainbow Jungle

We have a landscape of neural jungle in our brains. Modern science has given us Brainbow imaging technology, which is a magnificently beautiful way in which to view the networked jungles of brain cells without having to cut into the brain. This method, developed at Harvard University, enables scientists to locally insert a particular sort of DNA into the genome.

A New Metaphysics of Medicine

Modern science is not always what it claims to be. It is increasingly faith-based, it is not conducive to freethinking, and medicine in particular is hampered by this troubling trend. The rise of science in the West as the arbiter of truth roughly parallels the decline of philosophy. The capacity to think deeply on subjects of great weight has been gradually replaced by an unreflective faith in the facts brought to us by science.

Distracted Doctoring and the iPatient

The term “distracted” doctoring does not adequately describe healthcare providers who habitually use electronic devices for non-medical purposes during patient care. These doctors, nurses, and technicians aren’t distracted by outside happenings; they’re purposefully deciding to interact with Facebook friends or Twitter followers instead of the patient in front of them.

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