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Talking to Fire: Botanical Immunomodulation

Fire is visible in our body’s inflammatory response. We rely on it for protection, but it also underpins almost every disease process. Steroids and antiseptic agents may be useful at
times, but if we are going to start talking to the inflammatory fire within us, we need a
different set of tools.

Crop Circles: An Invitation

While the rest of the world watched Michael Jackson's funeral, a quiet stream of modern pilgrims arrived at my mother's village. A quick walk has me in the middle of an intricate solar system stenciled into the grain at a prehistoric ritual site. All mysteries lend themselves to detective work, and this year's crop formations, seventy in this area alone, presents a cryptic metaphysical riddle.

What Now, America?

Is the Wall Street economic meltdown gearing us up for a food crisis? Or, will we find our way to a better world with values and nutrients as our arsenal?

Beyond Brand Obama

Nothing against Barak Obama, but we'd be mistaken to consider his
politics a complete break from the past, a renaissance in participatory
government, or the realization of an Internet-enabled "open source"

Biofuels and the Rise of Nationalistic Environmentalism

Democracy as we know it will soon fall at the feet of a
nationalistic environmentalism, a movement that may include the destruction of
the global poor among its methods of achieving "sustainability." If
the current rate of biofuels expansion continues, ethanol plants will be
using almost all of the U.S. corn crop within 5-7 years.

The Political Economy of Peer Production

The P2P (peer-to-peer) revolution didn't end with Napster. P2P is giving rise to a new mode of production, a new mode of governance, and a new mode of property. It is poised to overhaul our political economy in unprecedented ways.

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