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Eco-Community Design: A Proposal

A robust ecovillage design could be successfully marketed purely on an economic basis, as a solid investment opportunity now and even more so every year further down the road of oil depletion.

Melchizedek: Ecological War

The concept of tsedeq (world in balance) brings powers to the ecological struggle which are only unleashed by religious belief. In doing this we are entitled to the name of Melchizedek, the title of the old Canaanite priest-king, the royal warrior who defends sacred ecology and resists the forces of capital.

Rising Researchers on the Psychedelic Horizon

After nearly four decades, the aboveground study of psychedelics is opening up again. At next year's World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, Switzerland, a new crop of “Rising Researchers” will present their work, spanning a wide range of disclipines. Founded by Tom Roberts, this program will bring these diverse, international researchers together – to share their findings, to offer mutual support, and to meet the psychedelic pioneers who paved the way.

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