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Welcome to the Future Nauseous

We live in a state of manufactured normalcy. There are mechanisms that prevent us from realizing that the future is actually happening as we speak. To really understand how the world is evolving, we need to break through this manufactured field. Unfortunately, that leads to a kind of existential nausea.

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Falling Through the Looking Glass

To really engage the creative process you cannot merely look through a
sealed looking glass into an alternate reality, you must fall through
the looking glass and allow yourself to be swept along by the current.


The Interwebs: Electronic Insanity and Mental Environmentalism

New technologies, particularly new communication technologies, have a
naturally occurring rewiring effect on thought and behavior. The Internet and the
psychosocial dysfunctions that accompany it seem to have crept
up on us all like a psych-brain virus with a decade-long
incubation cycle.

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Living in the Infosphere

The new, pervasive communications media have pushed us into what mystics have called the etheric realms. Without proper tools and preparation, we can become trapped in a maze of electronically magnified addictions and fears. We must call upon the protector archetypes as we embark on our cyber-shamanic initiation.

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Thinking Out Loud

A neckband turns thought into speech, allowing for telepathic connections between people and technological devices.

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