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The Daytime Practices of Dream Yoga

Lucid dreaming beckons us to awaken within our nocturnal dreams — to
become aware that the dreamed persona that we think is us, along with
all other dream phenomena, are illusory. Dream yoga asks us to go
further, to awaken to the true nature of an analogous situation that we
mistakenly call "waking reality."

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Yoga At the Source

Having had enough of
the carnival sideshow that passed as yoga in the West, one day I
found myself halfway around the world, in the charming city of Mysore,
located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, far removed from
designer bodies and streamlined studios.


The Missing Dharma of Modern Yoga

The unconscious bait and
switch of communing with reality becomes engraved into the synaptic patterns of a
soon to be disappointed, nostalgic sucker who thinks the reflection is actually in the mirror.
The yoga I'm interested in
teaching is to perceive the mirror-like nature of all

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A Yoga in Space

In the future, space travel could be more of a retreat to an ashram than a destination in itself, a retreat to an aware inner space rather than outer space. If that turns out to be true, then all the fortunes we’ve spent on space will pay
off in ways that no one could have ever predicted.


Yoga and Money

We are on the brink of an
apocalypse that some have prophesied will result in a radical shift in how we
relate to time. The yogic practice of greedlessness can shift our relation to time; when we let go of the
habit of accumulating money and material things, we might have a chance to drop
into the present, where our true multidimensional self
exists, and where our
destiny will be revealed.

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Taoist Shamanism and Dream Yoga

Taoism can be
traced back to shamanic practices at the origins of Chinese culture. In
the historical documents, the wu (shamans) are masters
of exorcism, healing, and divination who journey in the spirit world, employing a vine that allowed one to see spirits. With
the rise of Confucianism and Buddhism, the wu practices fell out of
favor, but persisted in Taoist practices such as dream yoga.


Great Lawn Yoga

On June 22, 2010, Flavorpill and JetBlue’s TrueBlue will host the world’s largest yoga event ever as 10,000 people will simultaneously practice on the Great Lawn in Central Park, NYC. [Video]

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Heart Yoga: My Story

As our practice deepens, we experience a vast expansion into
universal presence as well as the microscopic attention to the minutest
particles of the body. This fusion of universal consciousness with precise
cellular awareness is the door through which grace can enter. 

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