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Google and the Myceliation of Consciousness

Let me introduce myself. I am RoseRose, doing business on Google Earth 2007 as an alien paleoanthropologist from another timeframe, studying the heirloom code of Homo Sapiens. I’m focusing on your critical position at the beginning of the psychedelic age, with the emergence of the first psychedelically informed superpower: Google.

A Life of Love and Riots

The so-called summer of love was also the summer of riots, and being a product of that period has shaped my life. In 1987 I moved to inner-city Detroit, where it looked like the riot was still going on twenty years later. I also attended my first Rainbow Gathering to verify that the hippie vision of communal love still commanded converts. My reflections on love and riots are not so much my story, but the story that this world we inhabit has made of me.

Galactic Games 1: The Dreamspell Calendar

My pal recently decided to ditch his copy of Telektonon: The Game of Prophecy, a boxed Mayan-calendar board-game mind-virus that was released in 1995 by Jose Argüelles. I love artifacts that attempt to map and embody mystic systems – the aesthetics of apocalypse you could say – so I happily swapped copies of my last two books for this treasure.

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