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Tin Horns, Flies & . . . Tadpoles

[Daemonic Dispatches] • Professor V. S. Ramachandran, Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at UC San Diego, is one of the most visible neuroscientists proclaiming and popularizing the notion that there is an imminent revolution in the understanding of the human brain. His own recent work has focused on such mysterious neurological anomalies as phantom limbs, synaesthesia, and Capgras delusion, a condition in which family and friends are experienced as strangers. Attention to anomalies is at the heart of the Fortean endeavor. Yet there is much in Dr. Ramachandran’s science that obscures rather than illuminates.

Biospheric Big

The Biospheric Dream Body

The biospheric dreambody is a higher-dimensional aspect of ourselves that, just like a dream, is nonlocal and multi-channeled, as it is not
constrained by the apparent physical laws of the third-dimensional universe. It’s a deeper part of ourselves that expresses itself synchronistically both within ourselves and simultaneously in the outside world, through both our personal process and our collective body politic. Just like a dream, something important is being revealed to us in the process of its unfoldment, something that could have worldwide consequences for our planet’s current ecological crisis.