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Liminal States with Greg Taylor

An interview with Daily Grail editor Greg Taylor about liminal oddities such as surrealism, reincarnation, UFOs, secret societies, occultism, shamanism, and cryptozoology.

Sexy Witch: A Conversation with LaSara Firefox

Author, sex educator and contemporary mystic LaSara Firefox talks about her work with addictive behaviors, her approach to Middle East peace, the breakup of her ten-year marriage, and the clairaudient experiences that guide her healing work.

The Wounded Healer

The archetype of the wounded healer reveals to us that it is only by being willing to face, consciously experience, and go through our wound do we receive its blessing. To go through our wound is to embrace, assent, and say “yes” to the mysteriously painful new place in ourselves where the wound is leading us. This is a genuine death experience, as our old self “dies” in the process, while a new, more expansive and empowered part of ourselves is born.

The Trap of Simulation

A spark of divine intelligence exists in each human being, according to Gnostic cosmology. This Greek word for this concept is nous, usually translated as "mind." When considered alongside the Gnostic concept of Hal – this Coptic word means "simulation" – the Gnostic perspective on nous may offer a way to orient us to the noosphere. Hal is close to what we today understand as Virtual Reality.

Junk Mail from the Planet

When opening spam, I find information about people whom I have just been thinking about, apparent responses to things on my mind. The Internet is a manifestation of human consciousness, of the desire to communicate and to connect. So, let us open to the evolution of a resident sentient consciousness on the Internet; let us ask Gaia to do her thing online. What is Gaia's thing? To sell hot stocks? To be the most famous porn star?

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