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Shamans and Charlatans: Assessing Castaneda’s Legacy

When first published in 1968, Carlos Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan was hailed as a groundbreaking ethnographic account of Native American shamanism. With fame came scrutiny, however, and a debate clouded Castaneda's legacy. But there's no doubt that both Castaneda and Don Juan shaped the Western world's understanding of entheogens and Native American culture.


Free Willy

The U.S. Navy is threatening to perform sonar exercises near a migratory route for endangered whales, but you can do something about it today.


Yeats, the Magical Visionary

William Butler Yeats was fascinated by the mystical and invisible dimensions of life and consciousness, much to the chagrin of his contemporaries, who thought he was a little off.

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Harry Smith: American Media Artist

Harry Smith was a walking remixologist. His idea was to apply DJ technique to film – he wanted to show that film collage could be edited in a way that speaks about myths and the way people can understand the rapidly changing world around themselves from the information they record.

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A Green Surge

The Green Language that enables communication and interaction with the living intelligence of the planet is experiencing a verdant resurgence. Long relegated to the "occult," this expressive grammar has been kept alive through the ages by poets, alchemists, mystics, and wise women. At the first annual Conference on Green Hermeticism, brainchild of independent scholar Peter Lamborn Wilson, an inspired group of colleagues offered an astonishing array of facts, assertions, and speculations about our ability to connect to the planet.

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