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Junk Mail from the Planet

When opening spam, I find information about people whom I have just been thinking about, apparent responses to things on my mind. The Internet is a manifestation of human consciousness, of the desire to communicate and to connect. So, let us open to the evolution of a resident sentient consciousness on the Internet; let us ask Gaia to do her thing online. What is Gaia's thing? To sell hot stocks? To be the most famous porn star?


Debugging the Noosphere

It looks like the noosphere is an idea whose time has come, and it may well be the idea that defines its time, and frames the time ahead. But is it a good idea? Is it a viable, sound idea in social, spiritual, and evolutionary terms? Widespread enthusiasm about the noosphere dominates the discussion over its importance.


Secret Weapons

[Daemonic Dispatches] • Jon Ronson tells the sinister and ridiculous story of the U.S. government's experiments in psychic warfare – including Uri Geller, Ed Dames and the Army's remote viewing program, Steven Halpern and subliminal suggestion, Guy Savelli's death touch, the Heaven's Gate suicides, and the use of the Barney theme song as a torture device in Abu Ghraib.

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Moby Click

Michel Andre is one of the world's great experts on the acoustics of the sperm whale. For years he was vexed about how to tell the clicking of individual whales apart when analyzing recordings made by groups of these Moby Dick-type whales foraging under water. Then he invited a Senegalese drummer, Arona N'Diaye Rose, to listen to his recording of a four-member unit of vocalizing sperm whales. Things started to "click" once he brought a drummer into the mix.


Magickal Healing: Talking with Kala Trobe

The award-winning author and metaphysician reflects upon feminism, New Orleans, Hinduism and how her esoteric concerns have fed her professional life as a novelist, non-fiction writer, and Tarot reader.


The Old Lady, Hiawatha and Grandpa

In that first week after the diagnosis of my wife’s recurrence of cancer, the greatest stretch to my cynical flexibility was the Shamanic Spirit Channeler. There was no way I was going to waste my Saturday night at some Shamanic Spirit Channeler. We got the diagnosis and Rebecca felt she needed to find a spiritual path through this latest struggle. I was a willing, supportive and loving husband. I would love to go Saturday night to the Shamanic Spirit Channeler.

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Party with A Plan in Philly

Have you heard about The Philadelphia Experiment? No, not that twisted bit of occult paranoia involving extraterrestrials, space-time teleportation, and the US Navy. This Philadelphia Experiment is an arts collective that has embraced the community and philosophy of Burning Man, and has launched an inspired new scene in the City of Brotherly Love.

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