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The Desire To Be In This World

6 months ago today, I decided to live. I was driving on the outskirts of Jerusalem early one morning, intent on seeing the sunrise over the valley below. Going around a sharp curve, I was faced suddenly with headlights directly in front of me. There was a car coming around the curve, in my lane. In a fraction of a second, there would be a head-on collision. I was going about 50 mph.

A Supraterranean Manifesto

Perhaps it hit me when Time Magazine named their 2006 Person of the Year. You. It was so simple, so obvious. The decision must have been based largely on the runaway success of YouTube. Much else was changing about the ways we communicate and spend our free time and energy. But even that simple switch from passive to active media consumption was one that, I felt sure, would forever transform our society.


During a high point in its campaign against the Zapatistas, the Mexican government circulated a press release claiming that Subcomandate Marcos was Rafael Sebastian Guillen Vicente. As part of the
campaign, then Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo said "I'll meet with Rafael
Gullien any time, anywhere." A few days later Subcomandante Marcos responded
to Zedillo's taunt by saying, "Excellent. Then the three of us can all meet

Notes of a Dirty Old Man

They wear pleasant looks on very white faces and hand out literature. They also wear helmets and some of the boys are big enough to play for the L.A. Rams. They are ready: members of the American Nazi Party. Well, it's Hollywood . . .

Jesus, Marx, and Spiritual Economics

The Twelve Tribes were funky Christian Marxists who "worked like capitalists, but divided the money like communists." Although they had each taken a vow of poverty, they somehow managed to have "an abundance of everything."

Dick’s Shamanic Healing

[Must Not Sleep] • "My mouth touching his chest, I started sucking out the garbage trapped in his heart. I sucked out one image after another and spat them into space until finally nothing remained." The final episode of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.

Buried Alive in the Desert

[Must Not Sleep] • "All this is for your own good. You need to go on a vision quest, baby boy. You need to firm up, become a man. You've been coddled for too long." Episode 12 of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.

Reinventing Collapse

The Cold War lasted so long because the opposing superpowers were evenly matched. Now that the US has no superpower competitor, could this spell the demise of America?

Family Doin’s

"What about it, Mister Healer-Dealer? Can you strut
your healin' stuff? Got me a bad knee, shoulder ain't right, arrowhead been
stuck in my leg for ten years, teeth gone or rotten, sluice line to my gut
plugged up. Not only that, but I'm spiteful with bad notions." A story from the new novel, The Drop Edge of Yonder.

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