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Kerouac: A Psychonaut in Denial

Jack Kerouac's
experiments with mescaline, ayahuasca, and psilocybin mushrooms influenced his
1962 novel Big Sur, just as earlier
trials with peyote shaped his trademark 
"spontaneous prose" style. So why does the public still think he scorned

A Manifesto at the Burner Apocalypse

Man is creating the conditions for
interdimensional technology to manifest, which will in turn provide the
tools needed to unlock the secrets of eternal life. A spore
unpacks its DNA when it finds its fertile soil. Burning Man is the spore. The Rainbow Gathering is the soil. 

Time Forms

With any
physical process, there is a time form that is independent of the space
form.  But to what extent does it correspond to our concepts of
form?  A simple linear duration, a movement from A to B, is only one way
that form exists in time.  As with forms in space, time forms are
distributed in nature according to ratios. 

Karmic Dynamics: Self-Transformation as Service to the Cosmos

We are spiritually marooned as a people who have inherited a socio-cultural system that generates detrimental cognitive modalities and destructive behavioral patternings. Ours is a nation of wounded people abused by a deranged system. We are in the clutches of Lucifer and Ahriman. How has this come to be?

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