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Teleported to a Secret American Military Base

[Must Not Sleep] • "Stark naked, I wondered what would happen when I was spotted, but the military police made way for me as if I belonged. I paused, looking up at a banner which hung above the entrance: 'GRAB WHOM YOU MUST, DO WHAT YOU WANT.'" Episode 13 of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.

The One 1

Obama: Antichrist Superstar?

It's an odd case of life imitating art. The McCain campaign released an ad which lampoons Obama for behaving like the second coming of Jesus Christ. It shares many themes and images with my web miniseries, The Grand Inquisitor.


Great Doubt, Great Faith

[Pilgrimage to Nowhere] •
"Doi Suthep is the third richest monastery in Thailand.
There's a lot of tourist and other money flowing into this place." "The plot thickens." "Money…" "Intrigue…" "And embezzlement." "And murder!" "Murder?"

Paris Riot 1

A Life of Love and Riots

The so-called summer of love was also the summer of riots, and being a product of that period has shaped my life. In 1987 I moved to inner-city Detroit, where it looked like the riot was still going on twenty years later. I also attended my first Rainbow Gathering to verify that the hippie vision of communal love still commanded converts. My reflections on love and riots are not so much my story, but the story that this world we inhabit has made of me.

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