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Radical Healing

Homeopathy does not simply acknowledge the reality of mind. It confirms over and over that mind and body are one.

Gods of the Waters: An Interview with a Shuar Shaman

An interview with Hilario Chiriap, a traditional Ecuadorian shaman from the Shuar tribe, where shamanism is traditionally characterized by rivalry and aggressive confrontations. However, Hilario considers it necessary to collaborate with as many shamans from different South American regions as possible.

Podcast #80 Art Can Free Us

Marlon Gunby was incarcerated at a young age and while he was in prison, he found art which was a way for him to escape the concrete walls. It also helped him find purpose in life once he got out.

Iboga Healing and the Collective Unconscious

The emotional healing of plant medicines and psychedelics can also wilt under the sensory barrage of regular life that Shakespeare called “the wreckful siege of battering days.” Now meet Josie, who shows there is nothing inevitable about this.

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