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Quantum Consciousness

All biological
organisms are constituted of a liquid crystalline medium. Cells communicate via biophotons. Invisible quantum waves are spreading out from
each of us and permeating into all other organisms. We are constantly co-creating and re-creating
ourselves and other organisms in the universe.

Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces

Applying the principles of resonance to unlock the secrets of
Scotland's Rosslyn chapel, Richard Merrick finds evidence that the
orbital pattern of Venus was once used as a "temple template" to design
psychoacoustical chambers capable o…

What Videogames Need

are hundreds, if not thousands, of hobbyists and non-programmers who make digital games outside of the games industry's model. There
are  lots
of tools that
allow people to make and
distribute games without ever having written
a line of code and without
having to pass through publishers' gates. In years to
come, there will be a lot
more tools.

This Week in Tech

In the inaugural edition of RS's new column, This Week in Tech, topics covered include, Amber Case headlining at SXSW, the militarization of robots and AI, Quantic Dream reveals 'Kara', and the launch of Old Maps Online.

Isis Aquarian — On the High Road With Father Yod

Isis Aquarian was right-hand woman to Father Yod, leader of the Source Family commune, an Aquarian community based in Hollywood and Hawaii in the 1970s. A contemporary resurgence
of interest in Aquarian community has led to a film. In this interview, Isis recounts her years with the Family.

The Church of Random Rab

Every great movement has its sound, and every great epoch has its backing tracks. With his fourth album, Visurreal, the West Coast DJ and musical avatar crafts a masterpiece that captures the quintessence of the spiritual healing journey, by offering his own.

Designing Dissent

A discussion hosted by RS Creative Director, Michael Robinson will feature Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic and focus on graphic design's ability to convey how power is effectively used and distributed.

Empowered Public Wisdom Rising from the Grassroots

How can we generate public
wisdom right at the grassroots, with people creating that capacity in their
communities whenever they want to? Can we get at least 80% of the quality of a
professionally organized face-to-face citizen deliberative council with far
less expense and effort — perhaps with smart use of the Internet?

Green Maps: An Interview

Green Maps contribute to policy change, reverse over-development plans, foreground environmental justice issues and create new
opportunities for green infrastructure. 
The world is a beautiful place. Come and join me from the place where you
stand, and help everyone see it that way.

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