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The Reincarnational Process and the Eternal Validity of the Personality

At physical death, if this is the soul's final incarnation, it reconfigures itself and engages in continued
evolution. If the deceased personality is not the soul's final incarnation, the personality continues to be held
together by its soul, by larger beings, and by an
individualized spark that it received from All That Is when it initially

Pablo Amaringo: Ayahuasca Visions

[RS Portfolio] • A gallery of never-before-published paintings by the renowned artist, with an essay about how he became a master painter of visions by Dennis McKenna. 

Exile Nation: “Escape From New York”

The author moves on to New
York City for the 2004 Republican National Convention, participates in the
largest public demonstrations since the height of the Vietnam War, and
ends up mass-arrested and stuck in a prison camp with 2000 other
peaceful protestors.

Transmute for Fruit

Please eat up this story about how the Evolver network helped a grassroots movement take their ideas and resources to the next level and get the funding needed for a free orchard in Bloomington, Indiana.

Souldish NYC: 7/30-8/15

This week on Souldish check out RS contributor Adam Elenbaas’s discussion about his newly released book, Fishers of Men: The Gospel of An Ayahuasca Vision Quest, CoSM’s Honoring the Divine Feminine and the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival in Asbury Park, NJ.

Souldish NYC: 7/9-17

This week on Souldish is Tryptophantasia II on Saturday at The Wild Project followed by the Dream Machine after-party. There's also Transition Movement at the Genesis Farm, a free introductory lecture offered by the Modern Mystery School and several participatory drum circles.

Confessions of a Recession

On Easter Sunday I had a vision that it was time to quit my job. The Universe would provide. Sure enough another job arrived, but a month later I walked out. Now for the first time in my financial life I am unemployed and uncertain about my future, yet I know in my heart the pain I feel is the diminishment of an old way of life.  Part 2 in the series Meditations from the Medicine. Read Part 1 here.

Souldish NYC Jan 8-14

This week on Souldish enjoy The Spirit of Sound, Globalfest 2010 for world music, and “Tryptophantasia”, an animation film screening.

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