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Celebrating Our Cosmic Journey

Every once in a while it is helpful to experience a true sense of place — even on a galactic scale. Who hasn't felt a shiver down their spine contemplating the creation, the vastness of the cosmos?

The Way of Light: A Healing Journey with Ayahuasca

So there I am sitting in the dark, exposed to the naked raw emotion of true love as Maria sings to me, and when she is finished there's a pregnant pause like she's waiting for me to speak. For a second my tourist reflexes kick in and I think she wants something, dinero, that I've been drawn back to the level of buy and sell. But she doesn't ask for money. That's not what the mother does.

Seeing into the Unseen: A Personal Journey of Discovery

Encountering aliens, communicating with dolphins, conversing with angels – these confrontations with the unseen worlds can seem outlandish or delusional. Until it happens to you. Now these once subtle, hidden realms are rapidly emerging into greater human perception, and provide us a clue to our planet's true destiny.

Journey into the Undergrowth

The Australian- based art collective Undergrowth has recently released The Journeybook, a beautifully illustrated collection of essays and interviews concerning our world's psychedelic reawakening.

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