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More Happiness

Reality Sandwich fan and "How I Met Your Mother" star, Josh Radnor, has written, directed, and starred in a new film about love and gratitude.

All the Music You Will Ever Need

All the music you will ever need appeared in three boxed sets of LPs in 1952, produced by Harry Smith and published as The Anthology of American Folk Music by Folkways Records. This anthology was an important source for the folk music revival of the 1950s, and through that movement played a role in the larger cultural phenomenon that we call "the sixties."

The Golden Compass: The Anti-Narnia?

Unlike the successful movies based on C.S. Lewis's Narnia series, the film version of Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass failed in U.S. theaters – perhaps due to right-wing critics who labelled it a "stealth atheism" campaign. With multi-million dollar movie franchises at stake, a controversy surrounds both authors' work that challenges our society's limited vision of the divine.

Avian Flu: The Next Great Pandemic Threat

Since 2003, an avian influenza virus called H5N1 has been killing large
numbers of poultry – and occasionally people. But while public concern over bird flu has faded in recent years, the risk to humans has increased. A look at the history of pandemic flu can help us understand why the H5N1 virus remains a serious threat to mankind.

Gnosis: The Not-So Secret History of Jesus

[The Electric Jesus] • Christianity originated in mystery schools where the rites of baptism, annointing, communion, and resurrection led initiates on a sacred path to inner knowing. But a sadistic emperor, literalist churches and 2,000 years of bad translations have covered up the origins of the greatest story yet to be told.

Virtual Reality and Hallucination

Our understanding of what is or isn't "real" is being challenged, thanks to hyper-connectivity, hyper-conductivity, and processor speed. How is our personal sense of "reality" being transformed by new technological highs?

Getting Real with Paul Krassner

Paul Krassner, creator of the classic satircal zine The Realist and co-founder of the Yippies!, was one of the funniest and most poignant satirical writers of the 1960s counterculture. In this interview he reflects on his 50 years of activism, and offers thoughts on today's world. "My advice for the future is to always remember that the political system is merely a buffer between the status quo and the force of evolution."

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