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The Church of the Paranormal

Don’t be shy. Depending on your poll of choice, anywhere from a third to nearly half of you either believe in ghosts or are pretty sure you do. And if not ghosts, then aliens, mediums, or astrology, for which belief has either held steady or risen over the last couple of decades.More than two-thirds of Americans hold at least one paranormal-unsanctioned by religion-belief, according to the Baylor Religion Survey.

Scientific Ufology Waves White Flag

As Teeming Brain blogger Matt Cardin brilliantly, eloquently and rather optimistically illuminates, several British Ufologist leaders have informed the mainstream media that primarily immaterial 'paranormal' occurrences are simply too much for objective scientific thinkers to handle. I offer a more pessimistic, and probably less brilliant, view.

Remixing Visionary Media

Join the director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Mitch Schultz, for the Evolver Intensive, "DMT RMX: Transmedia to Transbeing," a co-creative journey into transformational film-making. 

Astrological Power Places

Astrocartography is one of many techniques that can be applied in the enlightening art and science of Astrolocality or
Relocation Astrology. Where do you want to be for December 21st, 2012?

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