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Writing Source Code for Democracy

Our form of democracy is essentially a product of cutting-edge 18th century technology. If we re-wrote the Constitution from scratch, how would we use computers and the Internet to collaborate, manage our resources, and govern ourselves?

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Spiritual Boot Camp

[Pilgrimage to Nowhere] • With the beautiful view, all meals provided, and the programmed group activities, it almost felt like a resort. But the only sport here was pantomime walking; the only relaxation, brute force sitting… With its rough lodgings and reveille at 4 a.m., Doi Suthep felt more like a Buddhist army barracks – a boot camp for the mind. But what army would make head-shaving optional?

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Family Doin’s

"What about it, Mister Healer-Dealer? Can you strut
your healin' stuff? Got me a bad knee, shoulder ain't right, arrowhead been
stuck in my leg for ten years, teeth gone or rotten, sluice line to my gut
plugged up. Not only that, but I'm spiteful with bad notions." A story from the new novel, The Drop Edge of Yonder.

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Pilgrimage to Nowhere

Like any half-literate member of the counterculture, I was theoretically part Buddhist. So I went to a Thai monastery to see what would happen sitting in silence day after day after day. Would I walk out of this spiritual boot camp slightly more realized, slightly more adult?

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