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Saying Goodbye

[The Ayahuasca Monologues] • My bones shivered, and my internal organs tightened like fists ready for a boxing match. For as long as I had known about ayahuasca I'd been intrigued, particularly because of the firsthand accounts of participants who had "come face to face with their own death." What was I getting myself into?

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A Reenchanted World

A dolphin passes the mirror-test of self-recognition, a chimpanzee slowly dies of grief after his mother passes away, elephants shout in joy when a lost troop member returns, and some whale species swim in embrace after sex. Having rejected the view of animals as things, science and scholarship now spread the culture of enchantment, strengthening human feelings for other creatures and their habitats.


Jesus is a Party Crasher

When I was male, my peers and I used sarcasm and irony as standard social currency, even social armor.  I used it so habitually that it leached into my being, into my inner-child — the one in the dream. As a female, I unlearn the social currency and armor of my male self.

The Oracle and the Smoking Mirror

I take a deep breath and ask my question out loud:  At what crossroads does our global civilization stand now, and in what direction does good fortune lie? A rare thunderstorm shatters the Oregon twilight.  The lights blink off on off on.  I shake the coins, drop them, count them, six times.  The squall passes on to the next valley.  The Oracle speaks.

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Getting Stoned Makes You Solid

She had a vision of herself on a yacht, on a sunny, calm, open sea, smoking ganja from a packed corncob pipe. She drew an image of herself nude, joint in hand, telling the reader "I AM POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN. I LIVE IN THE SOUL OF MAN."


Eden: Trouble in Paradise

Could the fable of the Garden of Eden be at the root of the titanic problems facing our world? Looking for a "Galileo-type paradigm shift" that could rectify the mess we're in, I found it on my thirtieth birthday. But was I ready for my entire life to turn upside-down?

Avian Flu: The Next Great Pandemic Threat

Since 2003, an avian influenza virus called H5N1 has been killing large
numbers of poultry – and occasionally people. But while public concern over bird flu has faded in recent years, the risk to humans has increased. A look at the history of pandemic flu can help us understand why the H5N1 virus remains a serious threat to mankind.

“I Know We Won” – Abbie Speaks

Many remember Yippie! founder Abbie Hoffman for pranks like the levitation of the Pentagon during a 1967 march against the Vietnam War (witnesses insist that it really did happen). As the new film Chicago 10 brings Abbie's brilliance to a new generation, it's good to recall, as this interview shows, that the left's leading trickster figure was a sober, serious strategist who grounded his antics in theory. [An RS Encore Presentation]


Prologue to A Life in Tarot

How do you shuffle twenty-two Tarot cards? What if I stop shuffling a second too soon? How will I know when my energy is in the cards? "Do what feels right," Iris says, placing her hand on top of mine.

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