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Did you know the disconnect we have with our bodies inhibits spiritual development? Perhaps you ‘get’ the idea of self-love intellectually, but don’t ‘feel’ love. Ironically, we crave intimacy and fully armor against it.
An excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, "Love and Other Pranks," described by bestselling novelist and countercultural icon Tom Robbins as “the single wildest novel I’ve ever read.”
I'm honored to interview Mamone, a Grammy Award winning audio engineer and producer, and cofounder of Queer Appalachia Collective and the zine Electric Dirt, both dedicated to helping queer folk in Appalachia and the south find their voices, each other, and an audience.
A new age of peace, an age of veneration and caring for our great and nurturing Mother Earth is on its way. This rebirth was predicted by the ancient Nordic gods and goddesses at the time of the final battle, Ragnarǫk, with the rebirth of the gentle and compassionate Baldr.
It’s time to take a good hard look at a type of feminism that, practiced today, only serves to keep us indentured and arrested in our development as women.
The worship of nature may unite us more than anything else and allow us to overcome doctrinal discrepancies that are relatively unimportant if considered from the perspective of human culture as a whole.
The following article is excerpted from The God Molecule: 5-MeO-DMT and the Spiritual Path to the Divine Light by Gerardo Ruben Sandoval Isaac
Plants are intermediaries. They mediate between heavenly Cosmos and material Chaos. They capture the energy of cosmic light, and use it to vitalize, inform, and animate raw, “nonliving” earthly matter consisting of the primordial elements fire, air, water, and earth.
I began a journey with Nepal and her people in 1993 and was straightaway humbled and magnetized by the culture, larger-than-life mythologies and warm-hearted hospitality.
Sadness is not an obstacle on the spiritual path; it is the path itself.

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