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The Evolution of the Brain and the Mind

Our reasoning abilities are not enough to create a more habitable, peaceful, and sustainable world. To experience enlightenment and learn to interact with the cosmic web, we must begin by healing that part of our bodies that allows us to dream a new world into being: our prefrontal cortex.

Corporate Water World

Merck becomes the next big corporation to endorse the UN's CEO Water Mandate, a catastrophic greenwashing initiative.

Why the Age of the Guru is Over

The effort to direct life energy at goals unworthy of our knowledge is exhausting. Eventually, our reservoirs of health and luck depleted, we enter a state of crisis. This is a special state, the threshold between worlds. Many of us are there right now, individually; the collective human body is approaching it as well.

The Not-So-Comfortable Concentration Camp

Propaganda tactics developed
during World War I are now the foundation for our entire addiction-based
consumer system. The dehumanizing
force we now call "public relations" has been targeting demographic groups since the 1920s, starting with the American housewife.

A Circle of Gifts

Community is impossible in a highly monetized society since community is woven from gifts. Intimacy comes from co-creation, not co-consumption. We must do more than simply get people together: we need to create together. Creating gift circles can reduce our dependence on the traditional market and help us transition to a co-creative partnership of interdependence.

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