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Evidence of the Afterlife

Studying near-death-experience case studies, it became clear that I could hope to provide some answers to our most perplexing question: What happens when we die?


All the Music You Will Ever Need

All the music you will ever need appeared in three boxed sets of LPs in 1952, produced by Harry Smith and published as The Anthology of American Folk Music by Folkways Records. This anthology was an important source for the folk music revival of the 1950s, and through that movement played a role in the larger cultural phenomenon that we call "the sixties."


Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, or Mind as Metaphor

Many spiritually-inclined people dismiss what they call "Western philosophy" as inferior to what they designate "Eastern thought," or "indigenous spirituality." But I would offer that this dismissal, to borrow a phrase from Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, "does not reflect correct understanding." They have not understood mind as metaphor.


The Disciples at Saïs: A Sacred Theory of Earth

The "new" scientific paradigm we're looking for – which sees the Earth as alive and replaces the dead-matter scientific world view of State/Capital -– can best be found in the underground tradition of hermetic-Romantic science. Its manifesto is a little known, fragmentary 18th century novel.

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A Green Surge

The Green Language that enables communication and interaction with the living intelligence of the planet is experiencing a verdant resurgence. Long relegated to the "occult," this expressive grammar has been kept alive through the ages by poets, alchemists, mystics, and wise women. At the first annual Conference on Green Hermeticism, brainchild of independent scholar Peter Lamborn Wilson, an inspired group of colleagues offered an astonishing array of facts, assertions, and speculations about our ability to connect to the planet.

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