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Astrological Power Places

Astrocartography is one of many techniques that can be applied in the enlightening art and science of Astrolocality or
Relocation Astrology. Where do you want to be for December 21st, 2012?

Dynamic Paradoxicalism: The Anti-ism ism

Dynamic paradoxicalism is my attempt to
create a meta-philosophy that is a counter to fundamentalist and absolutist
thought, which is nearly as common amongst New Agers and the Left as it is
amongst religious fundamentalists and the Right. 

Three Modes of Active Dreaming

Active Dreaming is a way of being fully of this world while maintaining
constant contact with the world-behind-the-world, where the
deeper logic and purpose of our lives are to be found.

Transcending Online Road Rage

Perusing the comments sections
of two articles on
Reality Sandwich and Evolver,  I was struck by the abusive tone of
many commentators, a
tone I have encountered in other online forums. I refer to it as "road rage"
because there are parallels to vehicular aggression, which also
occurs in a dynamic, anonymous medium.

Meditation and “Drugs”

It's a not-so-dirty little secret that most of today's leading meditation teachers were interested in drugs. By "drugs," of course, I don't mean alcohol or Oxycontin, but rather that subset of chemicals which our society has deemed unfit for human consumption, including cannabis, psilocybin, MDMA, and others.

Seeking the Illuminated Body

The journey
to enlightenment and unitary consciousness is a long one. Why is the road so uninviting
and fraught with obstacles where so few seem to have reached the other side,
much less have attained an illuminated body? Might we be holding out because the other
side does not quite live up to our idea of enlightenment?

Merlin’s Time

I have come to
think that one of the things the soon-to-be-deindustrializing world most
needs just now is green wizards: individuals who are
willing to take on the responsibility to learn, practice, and thoroughly
master a set of unpopular but valuable skills – the skills of the old
appropriate tech movement – and share them with their neighbors.

2012: Tilt — Game Over or Game On?

good times were behind us and we did it to ourselves: no one was to blame. Even
if culprits to this chaos could be identified, they were dead. The bullets and
bunkers and bank holdings did not save them for long. These previous symbols of
wealth proved totally worthless and non-negotiable for the one thing they
couldn't buy from the hard-working, country-dwelling, "pagans": food.

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